The Sun


The Sun is perhaps the greatest achievement of modern mural painting.

It occupies the enormous front space of Oslo University's Assembly Hall.

Illuminated by the sunrays are the water of the ocean, the bare rocks of a Northern landscape and a slim strip of verdant green that separates land

and sea. A clean, straight horizon line divides the waters from the sky. The great sun is all-pervasive, shinning from the heavens upon land and sea, its

rays reaching out to eternity. Inhuman itself, it is the source of all life.

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to go to see with my own eyes the Nordic countries.  When I was in junior high school,  my teacher of Art was very charismatic and made me fall in love with Art and the stories that each artist had behind and inside himself.  So I read about  Edvard Munch and thanks to his paintings and especially “The Sun”  in me grew the desire and curiosity to see a country where nature is the king.


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